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samui Wedding

Welcome and congratulations for planning your Koh Samui wedding. We are here to make sure you get the best suitable Koh Samui Wedding DJ according to your preferences. We are trusted by many of the most popular 5 star luxury resorts all over Thailand and our weddings experience is extensive.

Tired of wedding DJs who just play different tracks one after another, like on radio, and want a “real” DJ who actually can mix and select the right song for the mood and still make it fit together nicely?

We have DJs from several different countries and we are sure to arrange the perfect Samui wedding DJ all depending on your own preferences like budget, music styles and such.

Most often a wedding evening consists of a dinner and after party, sometimes also a cocktail before the dinner and even during the ceremony.
The music at a wedding is very important and you will never get the same effect using an iPod or any other device as you get with a good wedding DJ.
Before all our weddings we will have a conversation so that we get a good feeling of what kind of music you prefer and then make a plan from there. However a good DJ must get the feeling “here and now” on the evening thats what good DJ-ing is all about. We always strive to deliver music that makes your special evening perfect and thats what we are specialists at. We arrange the perfect DJ all from your own preferences and guidelines.

The DJ equipment we use is state of the art and has has the best performance possible and a brilliant and loud output sound. If you resort does not provide a sound system we can arrange that as well.

Just contact us for your enquiry or for any further information.

Thank you!


Dinner Music

For the wedding dinner it is most often suitable to have laid-back kind of music. Depending on your wishes we fill the air with beautiful love songs, classy dinner music, lounge, jazz or maybe you want a more hip chill-out touch or even trendy house music?
Ever single wedding is different from one another and people prefer different kinds of music so it is important with some dialogue.


Party Music

A good wedding party can consist of music ranging from the latest hits, Club music and RnB to Rock’n Roll, Rock hits, Reggae, Motown, Disco, and other music from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and so on. Depending on whats working and what you prefer we can play many other genres such as Techno, Trance, House, Latin, Jazz, Azid Jazz, Funk, Dub Step, Drum’n Bass, Ambient, Folk, Classic, Country and Ballads.

Here you can listen to a few different styles of Music Samples